The World of Baseball and Its Effectiveness

Overall, when growing up, I always thought baseball was boring as I sat in the outfield waiting for a ball to be hit to me. Never did I realize how much I missed it when I grew up and out of high school. After I left the sport, I started to reminisce about the things I learned about baseball and what it taught me in the long run. To be a kid and have to stand in the outfield waiting might seem like a boring thing to do, but nevertheless, it was important if you were out there.

If you weren't there or were busy looking around, what could happen? You are just as important to your teammates as they are to you in baseball. You start to realize that more when you become closer with the teammates and friends. Some of the best times you ever have are spending time with the guys in a dugout or even playing catch before a game.

You have to have trust in one another to keep each other safe when playing baseball and also have to believe in one another when playing the game of baseball. Not only does responsibility come with playing baseball, but so did caring. Every time you stepped up to the plate you can either care or not care. Teammates can tell the difference and as a result, you can gain more trust within your teammates. Baseball, although, isn't just a sport, but one of the best ways to trust not only your friends or gain responsibility, but trust yourself.

Now that I sit here and type this and think about all the good times I had as a kid, it's hard to not think of a time it wasn't playing baseball. I think that's how it is for a lot of kids growing up in small farm towns. Many connect in sports and baseball, and sometimes in the summer it is hard to find something to do. The responsibility in baseball provides great insights to things all kids should do when growing up, even if it's not playing. The patients and things you can see in watching a baseball game is just as important as it is in playing a baseball game.

Not only can you talk to baseball with most people, but you can build trust and great relationships just by playing and watching a game.