Fine Art Photography and Today's Global Artists

In recent years the boundaries between different photography fields are becoming more and more blurred. Traditionally it was easy to distinguish the different features of the work of fine art photographers, commercial photographers, photojournalists and others. The Photojournalist tells a story, the commercial photographer sells a product and the fine art photographer transmits a message through his / her artistic interpretation of a theme. All of these still apply today, however the boundaries between them are fading more and more.

Commercial advertising work has been getting more of an artistic treatment. A similar thing has been happening with photojournalism in some cases. Fine Art Photographers have been hired to produce commercial work and commercial photographers have been producing fine art photography exhibitions. At the same time new areas are born as 3D renderings, illustrations and other media blend and mix with photography to produce more in-between creations.

All of this means that we live in really exciting times. When the convergence and mix of so many different ways of creating visual works, is generating many surprising new forms of art and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

In the middle of all this, the role of the fine art photographer continues to be the role of those that don't seek to sell a product neither to necessarily tell a story, but are simply transmitting their personal interpretation of any part of the human experience.

Let's now think about the pre-production, production and post-production stages of the creative work and the way they are changing in the times we live in.

Nowadays the boundaries between post-production and production are also blurring for the fine art photographer. The issues that they will have to deal with in the post have to be considered from the very beginning of the project. Many decisions that are taken during production will depend on what will be done later on. As such we are seeing a similar phenomenon happening in film making as both fields integrate as tightly as ever pre, pro and post production making them revolve around each other and around the final objective.

Fine art photographers continue putting at the top of their affected, getting everything they can from the production process. However the often highly imaginative and inventive works that photographers design require more and more the support of the post production stages. These, in turn often require some specific changes at the production level to make their work easier.

As a result, post production and production people work now together from the beginning of the projects designing every step with the final goal in mind.

Yes, these are indeed exciting times. As the improvements in the technologies that support our artistic work continue, the photographer is able to incorporate video, audio and so much more into his works. By doing this, an invisible evolution is taking place, transforming what we call today a photographer, into a global artist, who drinks from the conceptual base of his imagination and then applies a myriad of techniques and methods to transforms the seeds into a tangible creation .