If I Could Only Get Organized

As internet marketers, it is part of our nature to accumulate dozens, hundreds, maybe thousands of downloads over time.

Truckloads of products and bonuses, resell rights packages, plr's and e-books, that we just had to have for our business. Our store of downloads just grows and grows and grows.

We make brave attempts to find ways to organize this information – but it soon becomes apparent that whatever scheme we come up with, the stuff we want to file away never quite fits.

And so our computer hard drives, are filled with dislocated and lonely files, so necessary to the smooth functioning of our businesses, that are in chaos.

We can not find things that we KNOW we've got!

We lose hours and hours of our productivity looking for that e-book, script or tool that we remember downloading months ago. We need it urgently, right now, but can we find it? No! But it's in there!

And worse, we forget 80-95% of what we've downloaded.

We end up buying products that we do not need, because we already have that program, or script or book, but we can not double check because we have not a clue where we stored it on the computer. So we waste money buying something we already have.

So what's the answer to this? As serious internet marketers we need to spend the time to figuring out how to solve this problem. We need to spend our time on productive work.

Fortunately for us, there is someone waiting in the wings with the solution to this problem.

He's a leading expert in the field of Knowledge Management and he has done two things to crack this difficult problem.

Firstly, he's effectively classified the essential elements of internet marketing. That means, he's identified all the topics that make up internet marketing, and figured out how they relate to each other.

Secondly, he's organized these into a Mind Map (the IM Index Mind Map) and used that as a visual interface onto a folder structure for holding all internet marketing downloads.

To understand what he has accomplished, take the time to look at a video presentation of how effective a solution this program is. I think you'll enjoy watching them.

They can be accessed at [http://www.mesdebtsolutions.com/imindex.html]

Our savior, this knowledge management expert is called Alex Goodall, and he's calling himself the "Internet Marketing Knowledge Manager".

He's caused quite a stir with this simple, but very powerful idea, and it's worth paying attention to to see where this will lead.

In the mean time, regardless of what system you may be using, you'll get some good ideas about how to organize your downloads by watching his videos.