Why Does Your Wife Want to Leave?

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Your wife is leaving you … have you ever tried to look up for the basic reason why is she leaving you this time and at this stage of life? There can be several reasons behind her decision, but it's the time you need to focus on the major reason behind this issue. Wife is leaving you? You do not need to get worried now as there are many ways through which you can make her stay with you forever, all you need to do is to be consistent and remain steadfast in your goals once you have made up your mind with the targeted standard .

Wife is leaving you and you think this time you will not be able to make it up again as you are sick of dealing with such issues again and again. My friend you need to make permanent solutions instead of looking up for the momentary resolutions. No doubt it is bit difficult to cope up with such situations especially when you have kids along with you and you are really concerned about the future of your babies. It is clear that when your wife is making up her mind to quit, there is always a reason for which you both are held responsible, you can not say that only it is her fault but you are also equally responsible for everything.

Here you need to emphasize that what are the main reasons behind her decision and there can be several reasons like she is needing some space from the relationship and that is why she asks you that she wants to leave. Moreover it can be possible that she wants to get your attention and for this reason she is making such excuses. If she is saying that she is leaving you it does not mean that will actually do it because sometimes wife uses such words for blackmailing you and she just wants to get her wishes fulfilled by you.

You need to change your attitude so that she will get comfortable with it or otherwise you need to co operate with her on issues. You need to appreciate her at situations like if she dresses up for you or even if she is bringing a cup of coffee for you. You need to be the person she fell in love with. You should make her admit that you are ready to do anything to make up the things and to change your style for her.