Ed Hardy Handbags- Tattoo Inspired Designer Bags Are All the Rage!

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I’m not crazy about tattoos, but I am crazy about the beautiful Ed Hardy tattoo inspired designer bags, satchels and totes that all the rage this year. Want to have the most popular accessory around? Thanks to Christian Audigier, it’s in the handbag.

French designer Christian Audigier has teamed up with famed tattoo artist Don “Ed” Hardy to create a colorful “street couture” look that incorporates skulls, daggers, hearts, roses, and Chinese symbols like the gorgeous geisha.

Ed and Christian’s designs include satchels, hobos, carry-ons, clutches and totes, exuding the rebellious attitude of rock n’ roll fashion. Known for their vivid colors, jeweled rhinestones and awesome images, Ed Hardy handbags are true shoulder candy, worn proudly by such celebrities and style icons as Madonna, Carrie Underwood, Britney Spears, Ashley Tisdale, Heidi Montag and Heidi Klum. The list goes on and on-and that doesn’t even include the myriad of celebrities, male and female, that sport tattoo-inspired designs on their shoes, belts, hats, shirts, swimsuits- you name it. Wear an Ed Hardy on your arm and you’re sure to garner a ton of compliments.

You want a softer tattoo-inspired look? The line also features more feminine “pretty” tattoo designs such as flowers, butterflies, dragonflies-all in gorgeous soft colors with stand-out jeweled embellishments.

The best thing about Ed Hardy handbags? They are truly affordable Each design comes in a multitude of stunning colors, is made of the finest quality material with genuine leather accents, and features jeweled rhinestones that really stand out and add to the stunning look of the designs. Even the best selling “Diddy” bag, featuring the most popular “Love Kills Slowly” design can be purchased for a steal at around $150 USD.

For a stunning unconventional look, Ed Hardy handbags are the one of a kind, must have look for 2009.