Baseball Coaching Digest – What Are the 3 R's of Baseball Success?

There are three R's by which every baseball coach should be judged. The main three indicators of baseball success are RESULTS, REPUTATION and RESPECT. This article discusses each and how important each is.

The three R's by which every baseball coach should be judged are:

RESULTS – The number one criteria by which a coach's performance should be judged is results. Has the coach produced tangible results? Has the baseball team or program improved since the coach came on board? Positive results are an indication of a coach's effectiveness. Positive results includes increasing number of wins, winning at a level never before achieved, signs of improving player and team performance, and an overall increase in player and team pride.

Athletic directors and league officials look for coaches that they feel can take their baseball teams to a higher level of performance and competition. They want to see improvement. They want to see results.

REPUTATION – Every coach always earns a reputation. Reputation is one's overall personal and professional character and quality as judged by the people of the community. The only way to earn a good reputation is to work hard enough to earn it. The only way to maintain a good reputation is to continue working hard. A coach's behavior on and off the field plays a huge role in building a good reputation.

RESPECT – Respect is not given, it is earned. In coaching, you earn respect one day, one game, and one player at a time. To be successful in coaching, you must have respect. You must first earn the respect of your players. They must see you as a good leader and teacher with knowledge, drive, and skill. You must earn the respect of your parents. They must feel that you are qualified, dedicated and committed to your job. You must earn the respect of your administration. Your superiors must see enough positive results from your efforts to respect you as a coach and teacher. You must earn the respect of the community. Your fans will begin to respect you when they see a good product put on the field year after year. They want a team that will make them proud. They want a team that always competes. You must earn the respect of your peers. What other coaches think about you is a true indicator of what you have achieved and accomplished. There is no better measure of a coach's performance than having the total respect of opposing coaches.

I hope that you found this article to be informative and useful. Thanks for taking the time to read it. Have a great day, Nick.