Web Design And Marketing Solutions For Business Websites

Small businesses that want an Internet presence to generate profits need to think about web design differently than someone who wants a website for information purposes only. Putting up the obligatory website that has some basic information about your company – a site that looks absolutely amazing, but can not convert a single visitor into a customer is not worth the time and effort to build. And that is primarily what most businesses build.

They do not know any better.

To build a website from scratch or to change your existing website into a lead generation website – one that converts visitors to leads and loyal customers – you need to do a few things:

  1. Build an irresistible offer.
  2. Allow your visitors to opt-in and get the offer, 24/7.
  3. Convert opt-in (leads) into customers and repeat customers.

Build an irresistible offer.

Your irresistible offer needs to be irresistible, of course. It should be something your visitor wants, wants now, and does not want to leave your website without it. If you can figure what that is and offer it to them – you then have an irresistible offer. Ideally it's free, it's something they can have instantly, and it's something that solves a big problem for them – something that will alleviate pain or perhaps bring them closer to realizing a goal.

Opt in forms.

Once they know they want what you're offering, you need a way for them to get it – now. Not a single conversion can happen until they opt-in somehow, not until they provide their name and email address to you. That's the deal. Your irresistible offer in exchange for a name and email address. Once you get those details from them, then you can provide the offer – in an email on another webpage. Where is not important. What's important is that you found a way to get a new lead. You provided something great and now you can stay in touch with them via email and begin building a relationship … and hopefully (one day soon) a new customer.


Let's back up a little. Once you have an irresistible offer, the next step is to present it to your visitors so they can see the greatness, too. You may come up with the best possible offer on planet Earth, but if you're not able to get that message across to your visitor – it's an irresistible offer with no takers. Still irresistible, just no one knows it, because you do not know to explain it properly. That's unfortunate for you – no leads. And it's unfortunate for them – they do not get to enjoy it.

So you need to clearly outline the benefits to them somehow. In a clear headline, a list of bullet points, or in a video or audio message. And if you do a good job you will convert them from a visitor to a lead. And then if you continue to do a good job presenting the benefits of your products and services after they opt-in; showing them you and your business are the best solution to their problems – they will convert from a lead to a customer. And if you continue to provide quality, you will build trust and they will convert from customer to repeat customer.

Now, there are clearly other aspects that need to be considered, but these are the most important web design and marketing solutions for business websites.

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