Have Heart

Basketball, of course, has specific problems that vary day to day, game to game, and situation to situation. Every single time the ball is dribbled, a player cuts to the basket, a coach calls out a play, any type of slight change can cause a new problem throughout the game. How well you adapt these problems are not skills that can be picked up in the repetition of form shooting or defensive slides. These skills are within every single player that plays on the court and are generated from inside your chest. If you still d not know what I am talking about, I am talking about heart.

The game of basketball has changed drastically over time. Players are bigger, stronger, and more athletic than ever before. What used to be a big center is now an average forward. This creates more problems for opposing teams, but one thing they cannot control EVER is heart. The second you lose your passion and love for the game is the day you should hang up your shoes. One thing that every successful coach looks for and tries to find are those players that have a tremendous amount of heart. Extra effort when diving for loose balls on the ground, trying to get second-chance points on an offensive rebound, and sprinting back on defense are all effort based actions that cannot be taught. Because of the players becoming taller, stronger, and more athletic, the market of the game of basketball has grown tremendously.

Most people would say that the growing popularity of basketball has been the greatest thing to happen. Fans are now enjoying games more than ever due to its huge market and the games ability to provide for them. I am going to argue against the popularity and say it has taken one of the basic foundations of the basketball and turned it to a passion for money instead of heart.

Yes, I understand that players want to be paid a lot because of the revenue they generate, but players are willing to sit out and shut down the whole league just because of monetary reasons. For this reasoning, it is why I train younger kids as well as high school and some college players because they are not playing for the pay check, they are playing because they want to, they love the game and everything about it. Their drive is through their heart.