The Best Composite Baseball Bats for Kids

About a year ago my son was at his little league majors field and we were sitting with a 32 22 COMbat B1 for the first time and my son was hitting every 3rd pitch over the fence, so I had him switch back to his TPX then his Easton and he was only hiring 2 or three out per bucket, from that day forward I could not understand how one brand of bat could be so much better than the other big brands in the industry. I still do not get it but I do not care because my customers are happy and so am I.

I cant tell you how many times a customer tries one of the COMbat bats and tells me that it is the best bat they have ever tried? Its the only bat that sells itself, I let them try it and they actually buy it. If not now, the next time they are ready for a new bat. They like the way the bat does not sting when they do not hit it on the sweet spot, they love the ultra soft grip, and most of all, the fact that the ball now travels over the fence? For the first time ever. I hear it time and time again, my son hit his first home run, thank you for letting me try out the COMbat. Its the same story every time. I had a customer thank me because she promised her son a new Combat if he got straight A's on his next report card. She had no intentions of buying him a COMbat, he was C student. I'm sure you can figure how the story ended up. I rest my case these COMbat Bats really are the best bats money can buy!