Fitness Tip: Should You Get Rid of DOMS

Recently, I’ve talked to some people who started working out again after a long lay off. One of the things I talk about with them is about D.O.M.S. (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). What this is basically, is the pain you feel in your muscles a day or two after you work out. Now, let’s be clear, I’m not talking about a pain that makes you feel miserable, but more of a pain that makes you chuckle when you move that particular muscle.

If you work our regularly, you know what I’m talking about. If you don’t and want to experience this DOMS thing, then all you have to do is stand up and do about 50 deep knee bends right now. Then, when you wake up tomorrow or the next day, that soreness you feel in your legs and thighs is DOMS. See how simple I make things? If you want to know all the scientific stuff on what causes it and such, then you should research it elsewhere, I don’t particularly get into details here, OK?

So now that we all know what this DOMS stuff feels like, the next question is how do we stop it from happening? This answer may surprise you and it may make you mad, but if you’ve read my stuff and followed my teachings, it shouldn’t surprise you. What I say about stopping DOMS is NOT TO DO IT!

Oh sure, that soreness feeling may not be the most pleasant, but it should tell you that you ARE doing something to your body, and that something is good!

Others have stated that getting a deep tissue massage is good for making that feeling go away. Others have said drinking a lot of water will “take away” the soreness, so to speak. I’ve even read that eating certain kinds of food helps decrease that sore feeling.

All those may work, in fact I encourage you to do all three, but in terms of getting rid of or stopping DOMS from happening, I say no way, notta, ain’t gonna happen in my world.

Why? Because DOMS are, in my humble opinion, a good thing! They keep you honest, they keep you knowing that you’re doing something, they are a good measure of your workout routine.

Let’s face it, if you didn’t get them, then how could you possibly know if what your doing is working for you? Pushing your body to do more and more is a good thing, within reason. No one is going to tell you to train to be an Olympic athlete, but training your body to be better and better is what we should ALL be doing. Oh, and here’s a big secret, the best way to get rid of DOMS is to keep working out, which is also a way to get them. Just one of those exercise paradoxes I guess.

So to that I say, bring on the DOMS! Learn to love them, accept them, embrace them. As long as you feel them, you will see positive improvements with your body.