Bathroom Accessories Can Make Children’s Bathrooms Manageable

As any new mother will soon find out, keeping up with a child’s bathroom can be a difficult undertaking. Between the bath toys and the necessary soap, towels, shampoos, lotions and more, all the extras youngsters require in the bathroom can combine to create quite the mess. This is where smart bathroom accessories can be a real lifesaver.

Mothers of toddlers know, or will soon find out, the closer items are stored to the tub, the better it is at bath time. Having to get up and reach for things can pose problems, especially if the little one likes to squirm. With this in mind, there are some great bath accessories no child’s bathroom should be without.

For storage, the accessories on the must have list include:

* Ample under sink or over the toilet tank storage for towels and wash clothes. Since having to run out to a linen closet while a toddler is in the tub is never a good idea, making sure plenty of fresh, clean linens are within arm’s reach is a very good idea. The more sets that can be stored in the bathroom, the better, too.

* Toy storage. Tub toys can become a real pain in the neck (or foot) to keep up with. Many mothers purchase small tubs with a mesh type surface that enables bath toys to be easily stored and drained right within the tub itself. This not only makes storing the toys easier, but also cleaning them. Yes, bath toys will need baths, too. They will acquire a yucky layer of soap scum if they are not cleaned off on a frequent basis. Bleach solution works very well for cleaning and disinfecting toys.

* Shampoos, soaps and so on. One of the best ways to store these for a child’s bathroom is by using a shower caddy. Whether it hangs on the towel rack inside the tub or it goes over a shower head doesn’t really matter. What does is that these items are stored within your reach and not the child’s.

Safety items that should be included in the mix include:

* Toilet locks. These little devices can be very smart to include on the bathroom accessory list. They simply keep little hands and heads from going where they don’t belong.

* Cabinet locks. These are standard fare in the kitchen, but should also be included in the bathroom. Making sure little ones don’t get into cleaning agents can be very important.

* Step stools. As children get older, they’ll need to wash their hands, brush their teeth and so on. Straining to reach the sink isn’t smart, but rubberized step stools can be.

* Cordless phone. While this isn’t really a bathroom accessory, taking one of these in with you at bath time isn’t a bad idea. It beats leaving baby alone to catch the phone and can come in handy in an emergency.

Bathroom accessories for a child’s bathroom can help make not only organization, but also safety a snap. When used properly, they can combine to help make bath time fun for everyone.