Silver Jewelry New Trends Give Rise to Being Statement Jewelry

Jewelry wearing is right from the oldest civilizations and with the passing of time; civilization growth took place bringing new styles of jewelry. The rise of silver jewelry took to popularity heights that it created heavy influence in the Asian countries and soon silver became a preference over gold, in fact more than most other precious metals.

Silver jewelry today is considered statement pieces. This is because now there are plenty of designs and styles available making silver jewelry a highly preferred metal to offer any outfit the required shine. It offers the required attention and is viewed as a perfect choice. There is silver jewelry acquiring all attention making it a new trend with styles and yet is versatile.


Necklaces are worn in different styles as per the new trend. They are worn very close to the neck; they also come as multilayered and long statement necklaces. You can have fun and use the silver jewelry that adds the much anticipated wow-factor.

Women now love even adorning their plan dresses or very casual dress such as jeans and shirt or t-shirt with statement necklaces. This makes them look distinct and the necklaces get all the attention. So pairing a silver jewelry with a casual outfit makes the outfit very special.

The advantage is that the silver necklace can be worn on any clothing. However, remember to buy a necklace that completes your neck length and shape.

  • Wide or short neck- Choose length necklaces touching mid-chest or opt for long pendants going even longer. Even a finer chain with large pendant, suits fine
  • Long neck- Go for boat neck dress or high neckline, enjoy wearing a necklace absolutely sitting on your collar or is in the choker style.


Earrings are the first jewelry that comes to notice and silver earrings appear conquering in a decent way. Yet, you have to take care of that you wear so that it goes with your outfit. The choice is yours, if you want to show off your earrings, go with silver jewelry that looks modest and gets you the attention. Avoid flashy earrings.

Consider a minimalist approach, if you really want your earrings to receive attention and appreciation for your style. Go for elegant, solid colors, but keep it simple. You can buy sterling silver earrings as well. A few helpful tips:

  • Round face- Consider something away from the round shapes. Anything in clusters or circular shapes studies or hoops. You can wear something dangling, but nothing having rounds at the bottom.
  • Narrow Face- Narrow face people avoid dangling or long earrings, consider compact ones. You can go for circular clusters, silver hoops and studs as well.
  • Square Face- Keep away from squared shapes, even the studies in square. Consider other choices that are available such as oval shape or circular, but no rectangles and squares. Also maintain a very safe distance from a jewelry that has hard edges or a right angle. Pair your earrings masterfully.