Emerald Jewelry, Birthstone of May


Emerald jewelry is a type of a birthstone; usually in the color of a bright green. The bright green represents the colors of spring with other lively colors available. This type of jewelry is mainly found with the bright green, as the birthstone of this jewelry is in May. May is the month of rebirth and celebration of life. This gemstone is one of the most amazing gifts that can be offered to a female. For example, it makes a great gift for Moms on Mother’s Day or birthdays. Other occasions may include anniversaries and other special events. Many people believe that wearing the gemstone brings growth and patience which can also be known as a symbol of forever love.

There are many types of these gemstones available from stud earrings to rings, from drop earrings to pendants and necklaces. Almost anything is available in the 21st Century. Due to this reason, jewelry is starting to develop more. The most rewarding gift for a female would be either earrings or a ring. Emerald jewelry is found mainly in the Columbia grounds, which is a popular place for jewelries like this. However, the very first Emerald gemstone was found in Egypt in 2000 B.C. Ever since it has been found, Emerald jewelry has been very popular due to the bright green color of the gemstone.

It is recommended to keep emerald away from temperature changes, household chemicals and ultrasonic jewelry cleaners which can highly affect the gemstone, making it lose its color. The gemstones are taken care of with oil in order to fill the fissures and fractures. In addition, cleaning the Emerald jewelry in hot soapy water can remove the oil, making the gemstone look totally different and dislikeable.