Causes of Sudden Hair Loss – The Facts on Hair Loss Causes


The causes of sudden hair loss vary, but the common baldness is attributed mainly to genetic predisposition. However, there are some things you need to know when it comes to hair loss and why it occurs.

For instance, some balding people have been told not to wear hats so as not to prevent the hair and scalp being able to 'properly breathe'. The truth is that the circulation and the oxygen the scalp and the hair follicles need are mostly obtained through the hemoglobin in the blood. This is why it is important to ensure that iron levels are adequate in the body.

Another thing is that subjecting your hair to chemical treatments such as dyeing and other such treatments such as frequent application of hot irons will not cause baldness for you. At its worst, it can only lead to hair damage. Take care, though, that the chemicals do not penetrate the scalp. Once the scalp is affected then your hair follicles and hair growth will be negatively affected as well.

The causes of sudden hair loss have more to do with stress, sudden changes in the body's hormonal balance and certain medical conditions such as alopecia. What one can do is to maintain the scalp of health. One can also opt to take in supplements that can promote hair growth well before the sunset of baldness. One such product that could be well worth exploring is Provillus, containing biotin. This can help a lot to maintain scalp health and normal hair growth.

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