Motorhome Hire – Why Buy When You Can Rent?

After getting on the property ladder, buying a motorhome in the UK is probably the biggest purchasing decision in the lifetime of any consumer. But with high-end models costing up to 250,000 pounds, the risks involved in committing to an unsuitable motorhome are high. Renting one instead, either as a prelude to buying one or as an outright alternative, is an option that astute motorhome aficionados are increasingly likely to consider.

The European Rental Association recently published a ‘rent versus buy’ calculator offering general points on the benefits of renting. If we take a closer look, we see that their points are particularly relevant to large-value items such as motorhomes. Reasons to rent offered by the ERA include:

“Because the fleet is not used all the time.”

Unless you are planning to hit the road in your motorhome for months at a time, it stands to reason that for the better part of the year your vehicle will not be in use. There is a logistical and a cost impact, as motorhome owners have to plan (and pay for) ongoing storage/ parking. Hiring a motorhome as an when you need it solves the problem.

“The right product at the right time.”

Once you own a motorhome, you’re stuck with it. If you rent, you have complete freedom when it comes to selecting the model that best fits your needs. Perhaps you want to follow the latest trends in luxury motorhomes and always ensure you have the very latest available technology? Or from a practical perspective, your 6-berther may be ideal for the family, but what about that weekend getaway with your partner when a 2-berth would suffice? Hiring gives you the flexibility to always get the right vehicle for the job in hand.

“Ease of maintenance.”

Purchasing a motorhome is a long-term commitment that will involve regular maintenance, MOT tests and all the costs involved with keeping a vehicle safe and roadworthy. Because hire shops typically check and service their vehicles after every use, the rental customer travels safe in the knowledge that their motorhome is in tip top condition, without any of the hassle of arranging and paying for regular services.

“Be safe, just rent it, avoid the risk.”

By its very nature, the outright purchase of a motorhome is a big investment and every investment comes with a degree of risk. Leaving aside the fact that any vehicle depreciates by up to 25% of its value the minute you drive it off the forecourt, there are also potentially unforeseen mechanical problems that could require additional extra investment to put right. Renting a motorhome limits your exposure and gives you peace of mind, because in the event of any problem, it’s the dealer – not the driver – that bears the responsibility.