How to Promote Your Events With Mobile Phones

With the increased use of cell phone devices over the past few years, the concept of mobile marketing has gained enough popularity. Mobile marketing campaigns are important to cover a large demographic area and that too in no time and for a relatively lower cost. This article will show you how mobile marketing campaign can help you make large-scale promotion of the event.

1. For an overall success of a mobile marketing campaign, you have to promote your activities to as many platforms as possible. Promoting in outdoor ad campaigns, social media sites, Smartphone applications, and in-venue signage also helps you get better results. The best way to ensure the largest mobile activation is at the event itself. You can do this through relevant and timely post-event messaging. You can provide commemorative wallpapers, mobile coupons, feedback polls, thank you messages, and offer to increase audience interaction.

2. Mobile engagement is going to help you connect your audience with your brand. It is likely to trigger their interest and encourage them to sign up for the event. Thus, mobile phones give you enough chance to encourage people by connecting them with your brand. For example, on the national broadcast of the Country Music Awards this year, more than 100,000 people used their mobile phone in just 15 seconds to claim a guitar signed by Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley.

3. Mobile phones give you ample opportunities to ensure large-scale attendee involvement. It allows you to communicate with the attendees in real-time, thereby giving your event a comprehensive exposure. It helps organizers determine what your potential audience has to say and then, allows them to make necessary improvements in future.

4. Well-constructed mobile marketing campaigns create a positive impact on your brand's awareness campaign. At the same time, it deeply affects the way audience perceives your role at the event. You can use QR codes, the "check-in," and a "text for more information," for making widescreen mobile marketing Combined with easy-to-understand mobile instructions and clear calls-to-action (on-stage screens, in -venue signage, verbal calls-to-action from the stage, and so on) can keep your audience engaged. Moreover, mobile marketing encourages your audience to look for more things from your event.

5. Mobile phones help you track the effectiveness of your marketing strategy and the sponsorships. Effective mobile activation can help you get the answers in real time:

• Whether TV, radio, or print is a more effective way to drive attendance
• Whether you can attract enough attention from the attendees participating in your event
• How effectively your audience can stay connected with you once the event is over

Incorporate mobile engagement in your marketing and promotional strategy in order to reap maximum benefits from your investments.