What Is The Future Of Organic Skin Care Brands?

All too often, it looks like many health conscious people are only concerned about what they put inside their bodies, while not really paying much attention to what they put on their bodies. I am talking about things like creams; lotions; deodorants; perfumes; shampoos and etc.

I mean, I have met multiple people who refuse to eat any foods other than organic foods. To be honest with you, I can not even begin to imagine how difficult that must be. Even these days when organic produce is widely available in most developed countries, certainly it must be incredibly difficult trying to find an "organic" version of all the different foods you really enjoy.

Then we have the higher prices to deal with as well. Come on, we all know organic produce is more expensive than standard supermarket food, even though it quite often costs lower to produce. In contrast, skin care products which are made with 100% organic ingredients are easy to obtain, and they do not really cost much more than regular skin care products. In fact, they often cost less. As an added bonus, you get to sleep easy at night knowing that you are never rubbing chemicals into your skin every day.

Industrial Strength Chemicals

I love statistics so I'm going to share three with you which I find really disturbing:

1. Globally, the sales value of cosmetics exceeded 100 billion US dollars

2. More than 80,000 different ingredients are currently being used in the cosmetics industry

3. 1 in 8 cosmetic products contain at least one or more industrial chemicals

The last statistic mentioned above is rather interesting, but also a touch misleading. Industrial chemicals are chemicals which are used in factories and etc. so what are they doing in creams and lotions that people are rubbing on their bodies, day in and day out. Also, if 1 in 8 products contain at least one of these chemicals, how many products contain other potentially dangerous 'non-industrial' chemicals?

Not Worth the Risk

In my opinion, using products that are full of chemicals you know nothing about is just not worth the risk, especially since numerous organic skin care brands available nowdays. There is also no shortage of home remedies using ingredients which you probably already have in your home, and those which you do not have you can easily find at your local supermarket.

Do you want an excellent exfoliating mask that brightens your skin in a safe and natural way? Mix some turmeric powder or freshly pounded turmeric root with a little bit of natural honey and yogurt, and you've got yourself a really effective facial mask. You can even use the paste to remove dark under eye circles. And, do not worry, it is also an outstanding moisturizer as well.

Is your skin lacking that elusive glow that you are longing for? No problem; just prepare a nice paste in your food processor using some fresh mint leaves, and if you want that 'deep clean' effect, just add some fresh lemon juice or lime juice to the mixture. Adding some fresh tomato is also a good idea because tomatoes are full of vitamin E. Now you have a mask that not only improves your complexion, but one which actually nourishes your skin as well.

Each of the ingredients listed in the two paragraphs above are safe to eat, and I can assure you, they are safe to use on your skin as well. Please, if you love your skin, do not ruin it with chemicals. Chemicals are intriguing and they are really amazing in many ways, but there is no need for them in skin care products. The good news is, the organic skin care movement is gaining momentum at last.