GoodWin Update

I just received notification from Vito Technology that a new release of GoodWin is available. GoodWin is a scrolling, finger-friendly launcher and task manager that also displays PIM info.

If you are a Today plugin fan, you will be pleased that the new GoodWin is now a plug-in and also supports FunContact and SMS-Chat. The new version is faster starting and switches quicker.

It’s a fun and fancy interface. However, I found that you have to be careful with your finger flicking or you may inadvertently launch an application.

My major wish for this application is that it be customizable. It may be fine if you only have a few applications installed, but I have dozens, and it becomes a tedious chore to scroll and scroll and scroll to get to where I want to be. Furthermore, it lists absolutely everything, things that you do not necessary want on the list, and there is no way to remove them.

While there is a Favorites category at the top of the screen, it would be nice to be able to add menu items or folders for quicker navigation. Users should be able to add and delete items to the folders or menu. Speaking of menu, the main menu is all the way at the bottom, which means you have to scroll through bazillions of screens to get there, and when you do, is it a disappointing menu with too few options.

I have the greatest respect and admiration for Vito and its products, but GoodWin, while a great concept, needs more work in my opinion.

Check it out at It costs $19.95 and the upgrade is free to previous owners.