Mobile POS Application Uses in Your Corporate Dining Environment

Most retail environments have already implemented or plan to implement a mobile POS system in their operations. For many this is a combined mobile and fixed system, with mobile devices running POS software as a supplement or in addition to traditional POS cash register terminals; all linked together as part of an integrated solution. With investments already made in wireless networks for the applications to run on, corporations are in a good position to leverage their infrastructure and take full advantage of mobility.

So how can your corporate dining operation make use of mobile POS applications? We’ve outlined a few examples of how this technology offers added convenience to employees, and may even increase revenue and participation rates.

Line Busting

Even with the fastest cashiers using touch screen cash registers, the line at check out during the breakfast or lunch service can get long. A roaming cashier carrying a mobile POS device can quickly bust patrons through the line, using the same menu screen on their Surface or Android as displayed on the traditional cash register. Dedicate the mobile device to quick cashless payment types like credit cards or employee payroll deductions, and you’ve eliminated the need for this cashier to handle cash so they may zero in on the faster transactions and get employees on their way back to work faster. With this added speed and convenience employees are more likely to use cashless payment methods which is highly desirable to many food service operations as cashless payment tenders result in less cash handling and less errors. Mobile devices used for line busting may even prevent lost sales of those patrons who are just not willing to wait in a long line.

Mobile Carts

The company café may be a long walk for some workers, particularly at a campus with several buildings, or just a long walk from one end of a large sprawling building to the Café. Too small to house a traditional POS cash register, a mobile food or coffee cart equipped with a mobile POS device is ideal for such environments and may be used and tracked as an additional cash register station tied to the main cafeteria. Placed in a high traffic area, the mobile cart gives busy workers an opportunity to buy a cup of coffee or a pre-wrapped sandwich when a shortness of time prevents them from walking to the main café.

Al Fresco Dining

If your business provides outdoor seating, why not bring the convenience of mobility out-of-doors for Al Fresco Dining. Employees may pay for food and beverage purchases table side, or at a temporary mobile station set up outside. Convenient and fast, workers are able to spend more time enjoying their dining experience.