Sex Techniques For Couples – Ladies Time to Take Control

One of the more often over looked sex techniques for couples is having a woman take control and initiative of sex. Most men love the thought of having her being the one who initiates sex. If you are looking for some new sex techniques for couples then this is one of the easiest to employ.

Let's face it, men generally always initiate sex as they do tend to think about it more often but that does not mean that they would not love to come home one day and have their lady take control and drag him off to the bedroom. Part of having great sex is trying new things and thinking outside the box and many women may feel a bit shy about taking control and that that why it is important for women to try these sex techniques for couples.

If you are not sure how to take the initiative considering performing a sexy dance / strip tease for your man, this is one of the great sex techniques for couples that will really excite your man. Put on a pair of heels or sexy boots, make sure you have a sexy bra and panties under your clothes. Consider nylons, garter belts or even crotchless panties, saves you from having to take time off later!

Practice first or go to a strip club for some ideas. Whatever you decide remember to keep eye contact with him a much as possible. Turn your back when taking off a piece of clothing, when turning around cover up what you just removed and slowly reveal yourself. Another great tip is tease him but do not let him actually touch you, this will drive him crazy and will prove to you just how great these sex techniques for couples really are.

Once the dance is over, continue staying in control and the when it comes to the final act try stay on top through and try some new woman on top positions. It will be a toss up as to who has a better time and what could be better than that?