Recognize Men Flirting


When women meet a new person they like, they always question whether he feels the same. They look for signs of whether he is interested. These are signs of whether he is flirting. A woman needs to be very much aware of male flirting behaviors. This is the only way to know what they really feel. As a woman, you need to pay attention to the following and your sleepless nights of wondering whether he is interested will be over. Men emit a lot of non verbal clues to make men flirting body language possible. Believe it or not, a man will preen when he is attracted to a person.

Preening involves improving his appearance and grooming for the sake of the woman he likes. This is also seen in the animal kingdom; when an animal starts to groom to attract females. He can also fix his hair and rearrange his shirt; just to have the right look. As a lady, you should take a note of this and view it very positively. The other thing to know men flirting is when they are dominant. They want to be recognized as the heads or the alpha male. This indicates to trains that show leadership. He may stand tall to appear larger or place his hands on his hips unconsciously.

He can also puff his chest as he tries to make a point. Men flirting will have an unmistakable grin with intense eyes. This eye contact may shift to the lips and then back to eyes. If you are very keen, you will definitely know that the man is flirting with you. This may be unconscious for him and it can also be known to him. Touching is a definite flirtatious move for a man. He will find an excuse to touch the arm or blouse of a woman. Touching can also be on the knee and other places. This touch is usually very subtle and delicate. He knows that he is going to get the attention of the lady. Some ladies like to ignore these clues and term it as common. A man who feels the need to touch you may not be your soul mate but, he is definitely flirting with you. There are many other body gestures that will inform you of a flirt. Observe when a man is talking to a woman.

If he is constantly hooking his thumb into his belt, he is flirting. Experts say that this is his way of keeping his pants from falling down. Men flirting will always point their whole body towards you. Therefore, if his feet are pointed towards your direction, this might be a point that he is interested. There are many funny gestures that will tell you whether he is interested. All you have to do is to be observant of every little move. With the above signs, ladies will definitely find it easier to know what they want. Finally, a man who is flirting might be a little shy when he comes around you. He will feel warm and sometimes uncomfortable when you are there. This discomfort is from the fact that he likes you and can not get around to declaring it.