Find a Hobby – Invest in an Abundant Life

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The title to this article says it all. Find a hobby and you will take a positive step towards having an abundant life. Having an hobby can make you happy, and as everyone knows happiness is a vital key ingredient in being successful in life.

What sort of hobby will suit me? – Think of a subject that might interest you. It might be something that you are passionate about. If not then sit down and write a list of about 5 subjects. Don’t think for too long as those things that come to mind first are those which your inner self says you are interested in. They are the hobbies most likely to keep your attention. It could be things you wished you had time to explore, but never had the time or money required to pursue.

Once you have your list of 5 subjects then look at each one individually. Write the name of the subject in the middle of a blank sheet of paper. Draw about 6 -8 spokes out from the subject. At the end of each spoke write a comment about what you like the most about this subject.The hobby with the most comments is the one to focus on.

You need to think laterally. Say the subject that comes top is Formula One Racing. But you say to yourself how can I afford a racing car. Don’t dismiss the subject. You could think of joining a supporters club. If it is the thrill of speed that you like then try Go-carting. Substitute Go-carting for Formula One Racing and see if the comments at the end of the spokes tick the same box’s in your head. If they do that is the hobby for you.

If it is collecting things that might interest you then look around your home for clues. What items have you already got that you bought just because you liked them. What items have you kept from childhood. If you have a collection of items so will others and they will want to swap stories about them with you. Do a Google search for forums about the item.

Some years ago I was in Long Beach in California, I was staying on the Queen Mary. While I was there a large group of people were coming on board. They were having a Steiff Bear convention. It never crossed my mind that people would be that passionate that they would travel from all over the country and abroad just to talk about stuffed bears.

Whether it is Go-carting or collecting Steiff Bears one thing is sure, engaging in an hobby will add new dimensions to your life. You will meet and interact with like minded people. It will give you a sense of achievement, both moment by moment and in the long term. You will find that having a hobby will lead to a rewarding, satisfying and more abundant life.