All About RC Planes For The Hobbyist

So what if you could not become a fighter pilot. You can still fly a model fighter plane and do all the exciting crazy stunts that fighter pilots get to do even as your feet stay firmly on the ground. Remote Control planes or RC planes enable your mind to literally be in the pilot’s seat and enable you to have the same adrenaline rush that they experience during a flight.

If you are a novice flyer, then a battery-powered plane is simpler, easier and cleaner to operate. You could start by buying an ARF or an Almost Ready to Fly kit, which would be an almost fully assembled plane. That could save you precious time and money. Try to buy a slower plane with a simple remote control, which could teach you about flying without too many crashes. A cheaper plane would also enable you to afford a replacement in case of a major goof up. Your plane should be constructed of hardened foam and should have plastic on the underbody to prevent damage during crashes. If possible, join up with an experienced model ‘frequent flyer’ that can offer you tips and teach you how to fly your plane.

You can take your assembled plane to an open field of grass so that your plane is not damaged in case of a crash. The thrill of your first flight will be one that you will cherish for years to come. Alternatively, you could join a model airplane club and they would have trainers that could teach you the basics of flying. Once you have learnt the basics of flying, then you can become a bit adventurous and try some stunts like Rolls, Loops and Inverted flights. These stunts give one the feeling of literally being in the ‘hot’ seat and this could thrust your interest in this exciting hobby even further. There is no danger in flying model planes, but proper care should be taken so that your plane does not crash into any body.

Your remote control [RC] transmitter will be equipped with different knobs and levers, which are to be used to control your plane’s various functions like the speed, rudder, flaps, etc and higher end transmitters also have adjustable frequency and additional software to match the transmitter to your plane. It is not difficult to master and once you get the hang of it, you can make your plane perform all types of difficult maneuvers. Both electric and gasoline powered planes can be controlled by remote control and once you are comfortable with electric planes, you can try out a 2-stroke or 4-stroke gasoline engine for your plane. 2-strokes are cheap but noisy as compared to 4-stroke engines, but many people prefer 2-stroke because the sound reminds them of getting a feeling of actually flying a plane.

So, assemble a model plane, take that RC in your hands and watch your dream take to the skies. It’s a feeling you will never forget.