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Chevrolet Impala is a full-sized car built in 1958. Publicized to be a “prestige car” affordable to the average American, the Impala is placed below the Caprice, Chevrolet’s top luxury model. It is easily distinguishable by a pair of three rear taillights because two is conventional for most cars. Impala bested the Ford Galaxy 500 and the Plymouth Fury in terms of sales. Impala’s 1965 sales performance at over one million units sold remains unbeaten.

Impala’s version today is rated as the “8th best-selling vehicle” and the “4th top-selling car,” earning the distinction as the top-selling American-made sedan. By the first-half of 2007, Impala’s sales total 180,390, or higher than its 2006 performance at 144,730, according to Reuters Top-20 Selling Vehicles Scorecard.

A running deer symbolizes the Impala’s ‘Super Sport’ image. The engines mounted on the Impala range between the 6-cylinder 235cid Blue Flame 6 to small block and big block V8s. The 1961 super sport variant is powered by a 409 in³ (6.7 L) V8 has a 425 hp of pulling capability.

Seven generations of the Chevy Impala ended in 2005, the year when the model was resurrected as the Lumina. The 2006 model resembles the Caprice and uses General Motor’s W platform. It has an updated 9C1 & 9C3 trim levels widely used as police cars. Impala’s reputation as a fast car must have attracted the attention of law enforcers. These models use the 3.9 L V6 with an Active Fuel Management system more suited for the power-to-weight ratio and handling advantages. The 2006 Impala has a wood trim center console. The major control buttons are blended with chrome accents.

Your powerful car deserves a badge of honor, Chevrolet Impala keychains. A leather keychain bearing an ‘SS’ and a ‘running deer’ logo inscribed in a round blue-dome crystallite is a perfect medal for a great car. The proud model name ‘Impala’ is also written in the blue gem-like chip. There are silver and gold variants, but there is one attractive design using a shiny black crystallite dome instead of the blue one. Other designs include an oval stainless steel plate and a round Chrome plate mounted with the same blue Impala chip.

In 2007, the Impala saw action at the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) racing circuit, replacing the Chevy Monte Carlo. NASCAR has mandated the use of stocks with a “street car look” in all scheduled racing events. Impala has achieved the Car of Tomorrow label and as it was recently announced that it will be the only Chevrolet on the NASCAR Circuit come 2008. NASCAR must have wanted all its racing cars get a popular street name.