The Violent Truth

Every once in a while, either in class or during a discussion concerning self-defense, a student or the person I was speaking with will get the wrong idea about the genuine existence of violence in the world today. When discussing appropriate response to a violent attack, they make comments along the lines of "well I just could not harm another human being in that way," or "I'm just not the kind of person who enjoys hurting others." As if the reason you are training in the martial arts is practicing to harm others. As if your main motivation is to cause another person pain.

This is a misguided perspective.

Quite the opposite is true. As modern samurai, we pursue the path of non-violence. We always strive to avoid a violent encounter for a variety of reasons covered in a different article. Our end game is extremely well becoming good citizens; good people or contributing members of society. One capable (having a skill-set) of helping others in their time of need.

Some of us tend to see others through our eyes, the eyes of "generally good people." The problem arises in the assumption that everyone is good. Believing that everyone on the street you encountered today it's just like you. Every single one of them would never dream of hurting an innocent, or imposing their will on another human. Sadly, this is simply not the truth.

Whether it is an addiction to a serious substance, a genuine mental imbalance, or just plain evil acts, some people have little internal resistance to the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtorturing small animals, hurting humans or other unpleasive realities. There are psychopaths of there.

If I offered you a $ 100 bill right now, and 60 seconds on a search engine, you can find countless examples of terrible things that happened to good people at the hands of individuals who "seemed so quiet."

I do not offer this position to jade you to strangers or to curtail interaction with people you do not know. I write this as a reminder to train with the correct mindset.

Try this, next time you're hitting the heavy bag close your eyes for a moment and envision what your attacker has in store for you at the conclusion of his attack. Is it humiliation? Domination? Is it worse? Consider this visual, and train with full purpose.

We must launch our self-defense sequence with full commitment within the laws of your land to stop the attack and prevent further attack. Your attacker does not care about you in the least. Your primary concern should be on getting home safe. Anything less than full commitment to stopping this person with whatever means at your disposal is simply not acceptable.

After all, the moment your attacker can not attack you any longer, you will stop. This is probably more consideration then they will show you. You are in the right. Have you worked out your self-defense strategy ahead of time?

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