Boxing Trunks and Groin Protectors


Boxing trunks are noteworthy apparel for boxers and this is one of the very first things that spectators may notice during competitions and main events. People look forward to their respective design and color as these are also used to identify each boxer in the ring. They stand out amongst the crowd with their glossy and shiny look that matches quite well with a boxer’s robe. It is never a bad idea to look good during a match especially if there are hundreds of people watching and you can impress them by wearing these boxing trunks.

Boxing trunks do a lot more than impress the audience. Its primary purpose is to provide fighters loose clothing in order for them to move freely without any hindrance or added pressure. These boxing trunks offer comfort and style at the same time. They are flexible which enables intense workouts and are quite light which does not add any additional burden or weight to boxers. For that reason, they are worn during competition as well as during trainings. It is a preferred clothing of choice by several boxers and they can be worn even when one is outside the gym. If you are planning on a career of boxing or consider their workout and other activities in the future, then saving for boxing trunks can be a very good investment.

Wearing Boxing No Foul and Groin Protectors

No foul and groin protectors can sometimes give the impression of inconvenience or even discomfort. Since boxing is a sport that requires the participants to have freedom of movements such gear may be considered as a disadvantage. The truth though is that no foul and groin protectors are actually very important. Just imagine getting hit below the belt by wayward punches. The pain would certainly be unbearable that you may actually fall on your knees or lay on the canvas cringing. Apparently, you would rather bear the inconvenience of such protectors than risk being hit by such punches at the groin.

If you have seen amateur bouts, you may have seen boxers wear these. The reason why amateurs wear these is that they are very much concerned about their safety. This does not mean that the pros are no longer thinking about the risks. It is just that amateur bouts tend to give much importance to the points achieved by the boxers instead of the powerful strikes that may result in knockouts. Nevertheless, even the pros actually wear groin protectors but these are oftentimes hidden underneath the trunks. It is clear that the pros do not really want to get injured simply due to foul hits.

In order to lessen the effect or the inconvenience of no foul and groin protectors, you should just choose those that are not too restrictive of your movements. This means that you should not choose those that are too tight on you or are too loose. If you buy a tight one, your movements may not be as free as they wish them to be. On the other hand, a very loose protector may just fall off and drop to your legs. If you are alert enough, you may be able to hold this with your hands but that would also mean making yourself vulnerable to your opponent.

A smart choice of no foul and groin protectors are those that can really reduce the impact of wayward punches below the belt but do not have paddings that are too thick. It is actually possible to find such kind of protectors. The tip is not to rely on those cheap but low quality ones. Instead, you should make it a point to just go for the more popular brands that are also known for their superior quality. Sometimes these could be expensive but, at least, you know that these really serve the purpose.