No Sound Problems – How to Fix No Sound Problems on Your Computer Quickly

Are you getting no sound problems on your computer? Are you sick of your computer having no sound? To be honest, there are a number of different reasons why your computer may no longer give sound. If you recently upgraded operating systems, reformatted your hard drive, installed new devices or some programs, you might find that your computer has no sound from then on. In order to fix PC no sound problems, you can just follow 3 simple tips as below:

# 1 Check the speaker connections and volume control settings. Well, some funny guys used to call me: "Hey, Alex, my computer has no sound! What is going on?" I told them to check the speaker connections and make sure the volume control settings were correct at first. Then the sound appeared again. It is simple to do this: Just click on the speaker icon that's in your System Tray. Then check the volume and mute settings. If any of the mute check boxes have been checked, uncheck them. Additionally, you had better verify your sound card works properly.

# 2 Delete and reinstall the original sound drivers. This can help you retrieve computer sound if the no sound problems referring to the sound device. Your sound driver may have been corrupt or may be missing. Therefore, to fix no sound problems, you can try to delete all the listed sound devices in the Device Manager and then reinstall them using the Driver and Application Recovery CDs that came with your Windows system.

# 3 Detect and clean Windows registry errors immediately. Many no sound problems are related to the damaged or missing registry entries. Registry restores information of every device on your computer. If any entry was destroyed for example the registry entries of sound device were destroyed or deleted accidentally, your computer will have no sound absolutely. How to fix no-sound problems safely and quickly? In my opinion, the most important thing to fix system sound unavailable problems is to fix registry errors and make your registry clean regularly.