Windows XP Slow Boot – Fix This Problem Now!

One of the annoying problems with our computer life is the Windows XP slow boot. It really gets into the nerve especially when you have an important meeting and you are already late but still, you find yourself in front of the computer screen, staring blankly at the message- ‘please wait while the Windows shuts down’. And you wonder how many meetings will you unable to attend just because of this irritating problem?

Unsystematic files. Unnecessary software. Unused network drives. Too many programs. Virus and spyware. These are the common reasons why your computer performs slower than before. You will know if you have Windows XP slow boot if your personal computer shuts down slow, hangs during shutdown or reboots instead of shutdown. A lot of people do not make any effort solving these problem because they get too intimidated and think that it needs the help of an expert to fix Windows XP slow boot conditions.

Actually, you can manually cure your problem with Windows XP slow boot. Here are some suggestions that you might find helpful: First, remove the programs from the startup that you think is unnecessary. Either you go to the Startup menu, delete them and make sure that the Preferences settings in every program, keeps them from booting up.

Remove spyware and adware. Make sure that you run a full adware and spyware scan if the computer is still running slow during booting. Another helpful tip is to run a virus scan. This is advantageous in the end to boot time. Use disk defragmentor to defragment the computer. Make the system do a boot defragment. This will put boot files close to one another on the hard disk when all the boot files are arranged closely, the system will start faster. This is the simple way to speed up Windows XP slow boot. You can find this in the accessories, in the system tools area. You can also use programs like registry mechanic to optimize your registry. Search the internet on where you can download this program. After doing these and you still have troubles in Windows XP slow boot, it is recommended that you take a back up and reformat the computer.

Moreover, these information might enlighten you with your Windows XP slow boot problem. First, open Windows Task Manager. If your computer was running smooth at one time, the problem must be inside the Operating System. All the resources being used by your computer is shown in the Windows Task Manager. To do this, just hold down Ctrl-Alt-Delete. Then, select ‘Open Task Manager’.

Then check the processes. Once the Task Manager is opened, click the Processes tab. Examine which of the processes are using the most resources by scrolling down. You may find that there are programs that are infected by a virus or a spyware, which you have installed without being aware of it.

Close the program that is stealing your resources. Close the programs that are using all your computer’s resources. But be careful not to close the program by clicking the ‘end processes’ option in the Task Manager because this will just make the computer stable. If you find some unfamiliar entries in the Task Manager that you find strange, this is a possibility that there is a virus present.

Look in the System Tray if you cannot find a program that is eating your resources. The system tray is located in the lower right hand corner of the computer screen. When you install a new program, this sets up a fast start option in the system tray. Right click the icons in the system tray and turn them off.