Choosing Baby Shower Cakes

Organizating a baby shower party can be a very tedious task. You’ll first need to

define the guest list, then conceptualize the theme, then print and send the

invitations, and then prepare for the special date itself etc etc

For the party, you will need think about what decorations to use on the place, what

will be the programs, what games to have, what baby shower favors to give, and,

what to serve etc etc

During the baby shower party, the table centerpiece is most likely to be a baby

shower cake. The baby shower cake cannot be similar to the cake that can just be

bought from the local bakeshop.

It’ll be better if you or one of the guests baked the baby shower cake yourself.

Doing so will also assure you that the cake that will be served as a table centerpiece

is in accordance with the theme that you have conceptualized.

Of course, preordering the cake will also be fine as long as you give enough time for

the cake to be prepared and that you have discussed with the person who will

prepare the cake the concept of the baby shower party and how you would like the

cake to look.

However, if you have some baking skills, or if you can follow instructions from

cookbooks well, it is much better to prepare the cake yourself. You can use your

creativity for the design and you can always ask for help from friends. Needless to

mention, it is also less costly.

To prepare the baby shower cake, check online for tried and tested recipes and

designs. You can also choose the flavor of the baby shower cake.

Usually, the designs and shapes of baby shower cakes are nursery items. These are

flowers, birds, butterflies, baby-shaped, toys and other kid stuff. The most common

icing colors are yellow, pink, blue, green and white.

In addition, if you have scheduled the baby shower after the baby was born, you can

also ask for the babyís picture and have professional cake decorators create and

edible cake design using the babyís picture.

Another idea for the baby shower cake is to use diapers. Thatís right ñ diapers. Of

course, this cake is not for the guests to enjoy. However, the mom will definitely

appreciate it if there is already a stack of diapers prepared for the baby.

To prepare a diaper cake, all you need to do is carefully stack rolled diapers into

several levels (having three levels is suggested). You may use laces and ribbons to

keep the diapers in place. However, make sure that you did not tie the diapers too

tightly together to prevent them from being deformed. Deformed diapers will be

useless and will just end up in the garbage bin.

The diaper cake can also be placed as a table centerpiece. If you still prefer to have

a real cake for the baby shower, you can bake or order a simple cake from the


After preparing the table centerpiece, you’ll need to combine it with good baby

shower food. Most of the time snacks, tea, desserts and punches are served. You

can also have some barbecues and grilled foods, in case you have invited some male

guests. The dads can bond and have some conversation while attending to the

grills. This way, everyone can participate in welcoming the new member of the