The Popularity Of Free Online Driving Games


Driving games are seen to be growing fast in the current casual online gaming market. It seems so far the exact numbers of car and driving games are nearly impossible to calculate accurately, and due to the sheer numbers there are of course many bad ones thrown into the mix. In fact just few have actually made a mark on this popular market sector but with a doubt these few actually revolutionized the whole car racing game experience. Sure a couple of these games actually originated in the 80s and early 90s, and these games are still held as the true legends that began it all, however this article is going to mainly focus on games that were launched around the mid 1990 interval, and ones that provide something a bit more modern to the overall gaming thrill. The following listed games that have had such influence have to be one of the biggest and surely one of the most influential driving games that did not simply depend on a typical racing overall style, and as a consequence made gaming much more fun, pleasurable and thrilling to play.

Grand Theft Auto
This game became so popular and (and still is) as it was not just a driving game with one outcome in that the participant was permitted to actually of get out of the automobile and continue do other things within the city that it is based. That was the major magnificence of it, true freedom! The first version of this game, though not particularly commendable in terms of the graphics and the players view, totally set new boundaries for a modern driving game. The game as a result was much more exciting than ever and the participant was also capable of entering the underworld of crime and steal some other cars and once complete, continue on with the mission that was originally given to them, awesome!

Need For Speed
Easily said and probably no doubt should be held, that is the best driver game that began it all. It was around the mid 1990s, when a lot of people were using content based on a more arcade style of game, Need for Speed quickly confirmed to us all that winning was all that mattered. Players of the game had the opportunity to get into and select tracks from real places and of course cars and the ability to unlock extra courses and cars as the game progressed and developed. The quality of the game was such that it seemed like the gaming trade had teamed up with the large investors to produce truly gripping, high quality racing graphics and animation, mind-blowing. Even today the Need for Speed game deliver the best overall racing experience.