Some Guidelines for Better Time Utilization

A number of guidelines or tricks have been listed by the experts of Time Management. Some are listed here. Some may fit in your situation while some might have been tried perhaps. The purpose is to develop our own way of managing the time.

A few guidelines are as under.

Start early: Keep a few minutes margin of reaching earlier than the regular or scheduled time so that in case of unavoidable delay you can make up.

Become clock conscious: Always keep your watch correct. Fix the start and end times of various activities in advance.

Plan day’s work: Plan timings and sequence of various activities. Keep a list of tasks to be done, with priority.

Avoid interruption: While doing important work, do not allow others to interrupt you.

Assigning work or sharing tasks properly: Share the tasks properly with other colleagues. Keep them informed in advance.

Tighten your own schedule: Keep a good habit of doing all works at right time. Personal works may also be scheduled like eating, going to bed, getting up etc.

Make up your mind fast: For doing or not doing a work make up your mind fast. Do not waste time in taking decision.

Limit chitchat and conversations: Avoid wastage of time in unwanted or undesired activities and gossiping. Keep friendly talks brief while on a task.

Avoid unproductive activities: If you know that an activity is not going to give a useful result, better avoid it.

Practice self-discipline: Discipline cannot be imposed from outside by others. It comes from within. Autosuggest yourself to be disciplined. Discipline is not only following the rules and regulations of the office and society but also believing that they are necessary for you