Making Up With Your Ex – The Key is Believing

I can hear it now. This guy is crazy. It takes a lot more than just believing to make up with your ex. I totally agree. Getting your ex back most times is not an easy feat. It will require patience, creativity, strategy as well as the action needed to carry out your great ideas. I know this just as you do. So where am I going with this?

With the simple act of believing, a great creative strategy is useless not being mixed with action. The key to believing producers action. The action needed to write that email, or send that text, or leave that voice mail. Without believing that your action will produce a positive result you are not likely to take that action.

You need to make a list of everything you've done right in the relationship. If you were kind, encouraging or loving to your ex, they probably miss this in you. If you were always funny and telling jokes, I'm sure not being with you is difficult. If you were good to your ex, as most people are usually, what things made you good? Any ideas that you can recall will help to develop your confidence.

Most people believe they have done irreparable harm to the relationship. In most cases that simply is not true. Many relationships that can be saved are lost forever. I'm telling you today that it is totally possible to win your ex's heart and trust back. All you need is the right tools.