Vegan Brunch


As a vegan living in NYC that works at a vegan business, one of the questions our staff gets asked most often is, “Where are the great vegan restaurants?” This can be especially challenging for Sunday brunch, which is typically rife with non-vegan fare, such as eggs, meat, cheese, etc.

Yet Sunday brunch is one of my favorite meals, and it’s always fun to join friends for a relaxing meal. And since it’s one of my favorites, I made sure to find places that I really enjoy. There are tons of places in New York where you can find great vegan fare, but these are just a few that I really do love.

Sacred Chow

This great downtown restaurant features a bistro-fare of organic beer, wine & herbal elixirs, mouth watering soups, stews, salads and heroes, enticing desserts & hot drinks, delicious, hearty plant proteins, complex carbohydrates and luscious frozen smoothies. But for me, the number one reason for going to Sacred Chow for lunch is their biscuits. I love their breakfast sandwich which comes on a flaky, savory biscuits which is just wonderful Also, Sacred Chow has the best tasting mimosas made with the freshest orange juice ever. The restaurant is also almost completely vegan and the staff is always really nice, which means you get great service.

The Organic Grille

Located on First Avenue between 7th Street and St. Mark’s Place, this inviting café offers vegan omelets that look like what omelets looked like before you learned the horrors of the egg industry. While not fully vegan, they do have a substantial brunch menu that is sure to please all of the people around the table.

The V-Spot Café

What could be better than brunch on a beautiful outdoor patio? The V-Spot Café is 100% vegan, which is a great news for Brooklyn that unfortunately falls short to Manhattan with regard to its veggie fare. And while you might feel that you have “seen it all” with regard to breakfast wraps, there is something about the one at the V-Spot that cures my jaded breakfast burrito heart.

Being vegan does not mean that you have to give up one of New York’s favorite meals. Now that you know where to go, grab some friends and have some weekend fun!