Golf Styles – How To Develop Your Own Style


Many people think that to excel in golf all they need to do is replicate the moves of Tiger Woods or VJSingh and instantaneous success would follow.

But sadly, life never was that easy.

Each person's unique body structure means that each develops his own style of muscle sets and hence have varying styles of swing. The golf methods of a one person, may not needlessly help another person who has a different game style and individual muscle set. Golf will never be a copy cat game and so it's best that one finds the method that best suits him and practices on that style.

While it is a complete time waster to practice or copy on someone else's game style to the dot, professional coaching is the best way to develop a flawless game by finding your faults and making corrections to your game play. But it is best you hire someone who works with your natural swing rather than training you completely from the basics and trying to create a new style in you.

If you get professional help, ensure that it is a top level player. You do not want the coach just standing there watching you swing. He should be able to guide you over the tough sections like sand, water and mud and even some basic principles of other shots. This way you would have great value for the money you pay!

When you are prepared for the game and about to take the shot, decide on how you would go about things. Do not lose hope and try changing methods just because one shot goes bad.

The fact is that certain methods are very fundamental and require observation for mastery. But it is impossible to take a shot and yet simultaneously be thinking of some things like the position of you feet, the ball, your grip, following through and keeping your head straight during the shot etc.

There are many basic ideas for improving one? S game and here are two of them:

The one fundamental principle that you should keep note of irresponsible of the stroke or the club that you are using is balance. Perfect balance will help you achieve perfection.

Another tip is to always keep an eye on the ball. Whatever position you take, ensure that the ball is clearly visible during your stroke.

Take time off and practice well. Develop methods that suit your style perfectly and perfect them. And when you're settled in, let the kid who is trying to mimic you in on all the advice that you got from above!