Smart Ways to End a Relationship

9: 15 am – Office meeting, 1:30 am – Sales presentation, 6:00 am – Break up with my significant other. This kind of schedule might seem a bit odd. How many actually schedule a break up to the exact hour? The fact is, if a relationship has lasted longer than it should have, someone has to make the first move. The problem is that breaking up is not an easy thing to do so we normally put it off.

There are three types of break ups:

1. The dramatic break up; this can be very sudden and normally involves strong words actions.

2. The mutual break up, this is the rarest. Both parties come to realize that the relationship is over.

3. The slow break up. The relationship deteriorates over time; the sad thing is that neither party realize that they are heading for a break up until it is too late.

The main question is, how can you end a bad relationship without either party getting hurt?

Find the underlying cause of wanting to break up. You need to know why you want to break up; the first reason that comes to mind is often not the real reason for wanting the break up. If your reasons are clear and accurate as to why you want to break up, the break up will be a lot easier on both parties. Being honest with yourself as well as your partner is the key.

Find a time to discuss this. Do not take the easy way out and send an email or discuss this over the phone, this has to be done face to face, unless of course this is a long distance relationship and you will not be seeing each other for a while. In this case it is better to get it over with, there is no use delaying the inevitable.

Just because you are ending a romance does not mean you have to become enemies. Ending a relationship on a positive note is a smart move. Treat each other with respect, if your partner starts crying, be compassionate. Be nice, but do not let them make you do something you are not comfortable with. Be aware that they might be trying to manipulate you.

Getting back together in the future is probably the furthest thing on your mind at the moment. However, by ending a relationship the right way will give you a better chance of being together at a later stage should you want to. Either way, breaking up does not have to be difficult to do. If you follow the tips above you will both be able to move on and be happier than you were before.