How To Burn Fat All Day

Yes, there is a way to force your body to burn fat all day. This does not mean you will have to do your exercises non-stop for all your waking hours. You can still go about your daily tasks while efficiently stoking the inner furnace of your body to keep up your metabolism. If you set up your lifestyle and your body system the right way, your body will be working towards your fitness goals 12 hours a day. Even while you are asleep you will have a higher resting metabolism.

You already know that cardio workouts are the best fat burning workouts. By raising your heart rate to its maximum level and keeping that level for a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 60 minutes you are putting your body in its optimum fat burning zone. You are also raising your metabolic rate at which it will stay for the rest of your waking hours. It is, therefore, most beneficial to do your cardio workout as soon as you wake up in the morning. This means your metabolic rate remains high longer for the rest of the day. By working out before breakfast you also get to your stored fats immediately because there are no glucose stores to first burn off. You should then follow this with an active day. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Walk as much as you can. Stand rather than sit. Do your day to day tasks with as much movement as possible. All these push your metabolism even higher.

Even if cardio workouts are better fat burners, you should also include strength training for muscle building in your program. Not doing strength training could risk having your muscles wasting away. Remember that having more muscles further raises your metabolic rate for more efficient fat burning through the day. You should get proper information and advice on strength training to avoid injury. This is done on alternate days to give your body time to rest, recuperate and repair your muscles. That is a critical part of the strength training and muscle building process.

Finally, you should change your diet and eating pattern. Sugar, starch and all other simple carbohydrates as well as unhealthy fats should be eliminated. Eat only lean complete protein, complex carbohydrates with high fiber and healthy fats. Make sure your total calorie intake exceeds your calorie output while working out. Divide this total into six light meals through the day. This will keep your metabolism running on high.

By following these guidelines you are training your body to become an efficient fat burning machine. You will be burning fat all day on your way to your target weight and body measurements.