Rafting, Outdoor Sports in Mendoza

Rafting is one of the key attractions that boost tourers world wide to spend their vacations in Mendoza. Also, Mendoza is the first choice among those who enjoy open air activities and extreme sports. And for those who have never tried, white rivers of Mendoza can offer a persistent experience, full of adrenaline and excitment. The province of Mendoza is well-known as the land of sun and good wine, but also it's very popular for its scenery of mountains and rivers, where adventure sports are the most tempting tourist choices. Particularly, the Mendoza River provides the perfect scene for those eager to experience diverse types of emotions. Many of the city tourist offices organize expeditions and adventure travels from January till December. The majority of the sites where rafting can be practiced are close to Mendoza City, so if you stay in the Diplomatic Hotel, you can ensure the perfect mix of opulence and adventure for your vacations.

Before starting the excursion, the guides offer some clues and commands to participants, so as to conserve the security of the entire group during the travel. Most rides are suitable for the whole family, even for children over 3 years old. Each team then heads to their raft, wearing safety gear required for these sports. The weather condition is usually good, with sunny days with gentle temperatures. Rain is uncommon during the summer. Thus, each member starts to row and the pool where the travel sets out becomes quickly into a quick river. The most popular places where rafting is practiced in the Mendoza River are El Laberinto, Picoli, Concejal, La Piedra Mala and La Muralla China.

As the rafts travel, rock shapings emerge, and the river provides different waters of low tallness, providing dynamism and excitement to the moment, as the laughs and the efforts to control the raft start. Some pitcher's mounds looking out over the route offer a framework of glorious beauty. Numerous of these masses can be identified more easily than others because they have been named after their unique shapes: the Crocodile, the Balcony and the Skull. To this point in the journey, the exuberance has won the battle to nervousness, and everyone is ready to enjoy the extraordinary landscape.

This type of extreme sports, unbeatable choice for touristry in Cuyo, supplies an extended pleasure to those who dare to give it a go. Glorious and breathtaking views form a unique mix for fun in Mendoza. While staying at the Diplomatic Hotel, just ask the Front Desk personnel and they will quickly arrange your visit to Mendoza River rapids for an electric and unforgivable journey.