Tilly Bagshawe – Filling In the Sidney Sheldon Shoes

Tilly Bagshawe is well renowned for her latest endeavors Mistress of the Game and After the Darkness, so it’s pretty normal for the readers to have questions about how she became involved in writing Sidney Sheldon legacy. Tilly Bagshawe attributes it to luck, and the fact that she just happened to be there right in time.

Tilly Was At the Right Place, Just In Time

The agent of Sidney Sheldon – Mort Janklow, was the father of her agent. He came up with the idea of continuing with dead author’s legacy and his son Luke proposed to him that Tilly Bagshawe might be the right person to do the job. All her life, Tilly Bagshawe was his fan and she wrote to him when her first book was published. His reply was warm as always, and he was very encouraging about new writers (she still has that letter).

The Sheldon Family Drove the Project Along

The principal drivers of the idea were, however, the Sheldon, family themselves. Tilly Bagshawe did come up with several ideas herself and tried to create the voice of Sidney Sheldon, and finally she got the chance to work on the project. The task of writing in the voice of Sidney Sheldon was expected to be nerve wracking, though Tilly Bagshawe approached it in the most professional manner. She read almost all his titles till the time that thought processes in her mind became almost natural to her. She also talked to his agent, Mort Janklow, about how he himself worked, though the entire process proved to be emotionally tough on her as writing in her own voice was much easier.

Started With Real Life Events

The book itself was completed in eight months, and the basic idea of the book came at the time of Madoff scandal and the author got the idea from the same news. She started with the premise what if his wife didn’t know of what was happening. The financial meltdown in 2009 was also akin to the events in Sidney Sheldon novels.

Tilly Won’t Let You Go

Her books capture the interest of the readers right away, and you cannot just let go. The story moves at a brisk pace, and you will sure get addicted to the characters. In the book After the Darkness, the transformation of the heroine is extremely addictive and exciting. She is very loyal, steadfast and stays that way even if most of what she believed in turned out to be untrue. She was drawn to Lenny because she lost her father at a young age and she wanted to create a similar relationship again in her life.