Working In Cargo Shorts

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Cargo shorts may be aptly named. They feature a number of pockets, both in the front and the rear. Also, many also feature deep side pockets. For many, these shorts are great example of casual fashion. However, they serve another purpose. If you work in general retail or in a warehouse, cargo shorts are an absolute must. They are extremely comfortable, and the multitude of pockets makes performing your job a lot easier.

Retail is far from being a mindless job. Besides interacting with customers, you are tasked with solving many problems within a day. This involves how product is merchandised and how shelving is laid out to issues of freight in the store's stock room. If the store is very large, you can accrue a lot of items over the course of a day. Most times, this involves tape and box cutters. In other cases, it could have small merchandise fixtures like peg hooks. Also, since price integrity is a daily priority, you can easily find yourself carrying around a roll of blank shelf tags. Lastly, you may be carrying a walkie-talkie.

A good pair allows you to carry all of these things and you can even organize them by which pockets you place them into. This dynamic is much the same as working in a warehouse. A regular pair does not afford this convenience. As a result, it is much easier to misplace the things needed to do your job and do it well. Of course, before buying a pair, you should make sure that they fit your company's dress code.