Tips To Take Care of Your Yorkie

Yorkies feature silky, long coats, and this small breed of dogs is quite popular dog lovers. At first, they were raised in England to help textile factories get rid of rats. Since then, these dogs have become great companion dogs and common people have started to raise them. Their real name is Yorkshire Terrier but they are called yorkies with love. These dogs are really energetic. Moreover, they require exercise, grooming and companionship to stay happy and healthy just like other dogs. Here are a few tips for you to take good care of your yorkie.

Bathe your yorkie

Bathing your yorkie is a good idea to keep them clean and odorless. Generally, you should bathe them at least once per month. Bathing them more often may cause dryness and irritation. You can use shampoo and conditioners for keeping their hair clean and strong.

Give it a haircut

Make it part of your routine to trim their hair on a regular basis. If not groomed properly, their hair can get matted and tangled. When brushed or washed, they will not lose too many hair. Also, keep in mind that your yorkie will not shed its coat unlike other dogs. You can trim their hair on your own or you can hire a professional.

Brush its Coat

Yorkies have long coats that get tangled quickly if you do not brush them repeatedly. You can keep their coat length short for their convenience. However, keep in mind that short coats need to be brushed more frequently. Do not brush too hard and use a leave-in conditioner for moisturizing the hair after each episode of brushing.

Make Topknots

The hair of your yorkie will grow fast and hang over their eyes. To keep the hair from getting into its eyes, you can either make a topknot or keep the hair really short. Aside from this, you can use a comb to remove the knots from the hair and then secure the hair with a band.

Trim the nails

Just like other dogs, your yorkie will continue to grow its nails with the passage of time. To avoid overgrowth, you can trim its nails once every 2 months. If you find your dog biting its nails, it's time to trim their nails. Overgrown nails cause pain and discomfort.

Choose nutritious food

Your yorkie will not eat a good deal of food, especially if it's an adult. You can feed your dog only once a day or leave the food portion in their house for the entire day. Make sure your dog has access to fresh, clean water throughout the day. You can buy a small bowl so that your dog can drink water easily.

Yorkies do not need a special type of food and can eat commercial dog food available in the market. Remember: it's not a good idea to overfeed your yorkie or it may run into health problems.

So, these are a few tips for you to keep your yorkie health through its life. Good luck with taking care of your puppy.