Learn How to Find the Best Registry Cleaner


Knowing which features and application functions you need and want in a registry cleaner can go a long way in helping you to evaluate which is the best registry cleaner for your PC. The thing that all registry cleaners have in common is the ability to search for, and remove Windows registry errors that cause computer efficiency degradation and malfunction. Aside from this mutually shared feature, the sky is the limit on what is, or is not available in an individual piece of registry repair software.

Some registry cleaners automatically guide and control the process of scanning and removing errors from your system. Others either do not provide this automated functionality, or additionally offer the option to edit the registry manually. (this is not recommended for the novice PC user, as serious damage to the registry can result if done improperly).

The other major functions that may allow you to find the best registry cleaner for you are scheduled scanning, registry backup and restore or the ability to remove spyware or reduce the number of programs that start when you turn your computer on (slowing it down for no reason).

Products that offer several functionalities and features, or combine several computer optimization programs in one package are typically referred to as Computer optimization suites. These suites usually are not simply registry cleaners, but total desktop performance enhancers. The registry cleaners programs within these suites are typically top of the line products, and deserve a fair review in your search for the best registry cleaner.

Not all of the features discussed might be central to registry maintenance, but as almost all registry cleaner products include the features, you might need to think out of the box to find that distinct feature that makes you declare a winner. There are many free options available as well. Look for the same features when trying to find the best free registry cleaner available.

Every software company that produces a registry repair package thinks that they already have the best product and that you should choose their. But unless you do your homework, and actually evaluate your needs beyond scanning for errors, then you might not actually be getting the best registry cleaner possible for your needs.

When researching any software product on line, it is highly recommended that you not only take product reviews that may or may not be biased in their evaluation, but to also check out discussion threads or other sources of customer feedback before you make a final decision.