Gift Basket Ideas For Various Occassions

If you are considering creating a gift basket for a special occasion, you might want to consider some of these ideas.

Baby Shower

For a baby shower, bottles, socks, and fits make great additions to a gift basket. Toys and stuffed animals are also a good option and can be used to add color to the overall look of the basket. Get creative with the basket as well. You may select a diaper pail, a car seat, or some other baby-related object to serve as the basket for your gift basket.

Bridal Shower

When giving a gift basket for a bridal shower, pay attention to the theme. If the theme is sexy, then you might fill your basket with toys and clothes for the bedroom. If this is not the theme, or if there is no theme, these kinds of gifts should be avoided since the bride-to-be will be opening the gifts in front of her guests. You can also choose a romantic gift basket theme or a helpful theme that will include every day objects the bride to be will need.


The items you choose to include in a gift basket for a person's birthday will have a great deal to do with the person and the type of relationship you have with that person. If the gift basket is for a boss or co-worker that you are not particularly close to, a basket of fruit or candy can be an excellent choice. For a close friend, consider that friends likes and dislikes. If he or she is a techie, consider placing gadgets in the basket. If he or she likes to cook, include recipe books and ingredients in the basket. For someone that enjoys going out on the town, consider adding tickets to a show in your basket.


For an anniversary party, a great gift basket can include items to help spark romance. A gift certificate to a hotel, a bottle of champagne, champagne flutes, and bubble bath could be a great combination.

Get Well

If someone you care about is feeling ill or is recovering from surgery, you can bypass the traditional flowers and put together a gift basket that will lift the person's spirits. If the person needs to follow a special diet, you might include some of those foods in the basket. You may also create coupons that the person can cash in on to get some help from you if necessary, such as a coupon for a free housecleaning.