3 Companies With Huge IT Departments

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Information technology is a necessity in today’s market place, and not only large companies benefit from using an IT department, but smaller businesses often do as well. Anytime computers and networking is used, there is going to be a need for personnel that is capable of managing all the information required to run that business. Large corporations typically have their own staff of IT professionals running the show, but some smaller ones even outsource their information technology needs.

As you might expect, some of the most well-known companies around the world make use of IT departments to keep all information pertaining to the company in a convenient form so that it is ready at a moments notice. Information such as employee benefits, their payroll check creation and more are managed by IT departments. You sill recognize many of the names of companies that regularly use information technology.

Walmart is one large corporation that must use the resources which are provided by information technology departments. This corporation operates worldwide and that means having a great IT department is essential if all the information going in and out is going to be up to the company’s standards. With hundreds of stores located all over the world, it would be nearly impossible to keep up with each if it were not for the interconnection between all of the stores and corporate offices.

The same is true when you are taking a look at the clothing store giant, JCPenney. This corporation also has more than a thousand stores operating in all 50 states as well as Puerto Rico. It also keeps track of everything going on in its stores through the use of its own unique IT department. IT departments are in charge of all kinds of information going in and out of corporate headquarters including advertising campaigns. If it were up to the individual stores to create all their own campaigns through the computer networks within their specific organizations everything about JCPenney would change.

Another large corporation that utilizes IT department staff to keep everything running smoothly is Target. This is another giant in the industry that employs thousands of individuals throughout the nation. The only way to track all the information located within the corporation is through information technology.

As a general rule, these corporations have their own information technology departments staffed by their specially trained employees. However, there is no reason that any of them could not make use of outsourcing this important part of doing business if they simply had no other choice.

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