Nokia 7373 – What a Beauty!

The Nokia 7373 is beauty personified. It comes under the genre of the much loved L'amour series and truly exemplifies design par-excellence. Like each distinct handset under the genre, even Nokia 7373 comes with alluring physical attributes and an exclusive distinct charm. But besides its well thought looks, the Nokia 7373 is also empowered with impressive ergonomics to make a perfect blend of form & functionalities. Further, Nokia 7373 is designed to catered both the sexes. It is available in two different colors – in bronzed black colored casing and in powder pink color casing.

The Nokia 7373 is empowered by a spring loaded swivel design that can rotate 180 degrees. Its surface is finely rolled, with flawless finish and impressive highlights. The beauty of Nokia 7373 gets more value with its elaborate tribal marking, making the Nokia 7373 a rare classic piece. The motifs of swirl and waves further enhances the look.

On closed position, the Nokia 7373 remains undisturbed by any keys or design innovation. The exterior being dominated by a high resolution colorful screen. The screen is competent to reflect 262 K colors, which means better and apt visibility when it comes to pictures and videos. Plus, the user interface is quite friendly. There is also the option of short cut buttons for ease of use. The keypad is impressively done as well. One of the most interesting things about the Menu of Nokia 7373 is that, it can be displayed in 4 different ways – as a list, a 3×4 icon grid layout, a 3×3 icon grid with labels, or in a tabbed fashion.

Nokia 7373 is predominately a fashion phone, but it is vested with many essential features as well. For imaging experience, the phone comes with 2 MP camera with 8 x digital zoom. More, this rare beauty offers GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth and USB. The Nokia 7373 runs on 3rd edition of the S40 interface, and comes with a decent memory and battery life.