Top 10 "Sexiest" Beauty Revealed Through CNN Search

Read all about it! From Hollywood heartthrobs to a naughty Disney "esque" costume page, the Websearch at news giant CNN powered by Internet authority Yahoo claims to know what is relevant to a search of the sexiest. Who are we to disagree? Beauty is clearly in the eye of the beholder. The who, where, what and why;

# 1 Sexy strangers in a strange land.
Just to show that the press does not always favor the celebrity lifestyle! Sitting a savory silver medal placement are some uncommonly common sexy citizens of Seattle. In and about this trendy town, these folks really hitting the heart and groin of the Seattle Stranger's top list. Featuring interviews from sexy baristas to beautiful bookworms, number two on the list will leave you hot for teacher.

# 2 Sexy Kitty – 9 lives.
Number two has us a little confused, but somewhat intrigued? This is a personal webpage that does not really look too sexy to this cat? Not too sure what is up with that one, CNN breaking news? I do not think so.

# 3 Once upon a time …
Fairytales and sexy costumes are out of the storybook and into our hearts. With Halloween right around the corner, sexy beats spooky hands down. Have a boo at a twister torn Dorothy and a naughty Little Red Hooding that makes the Big Bad Wolf look innocent. There is nothing Grimm about these tricks and trips. Kiss fewer frogs this Halloween and find your Prince Charming quicker.

# 4 One for the boys.
Number 4 on Yahoo, but number 1 with the raging hormones of American boys, is the annual and always popular FHM's 100 sexiest women of 2006 poll. Voted number 1 on the poll this year rules Scarlett Johansson over second place and last year's winner Angelina Jolie. Johansson was quoted as saying "One of the best things for a woman to hear is that she is sexy. I'd like to thank FHM's readers for the huge compliment." Jessica Alba, Jessica Simpson, Keira Knightley and Halle Berry also graced the top 10.

# 5 and # 6 The sexiest man is …
This one is for the ladies. Occupying dual spots is the AOL's People online top 100 men of 2004 and 2005. Ladies looking forward to the 2006 list, can have a gander at their favorites of the past two years. Let's take a look at the other side of the gender objectifying shall we. With a lot of pride and little bit of prejudice, Matthew McConhaughey oozes the most sexuality, with Patrick Dempsey and Terrence Howard close behind his behind. These guys are enough to rev the engine of any hot-blooded American woman. Common characteristics of the hottest hunks are handsome looks, successful carers, and loads of charisma. Nobody knows men like People! , 26335,782692,00.html , 26335,1113899_1129983,00.html

# 7 Sci-Fi Divas!
The new genre of sexy science fiction divas bears little resemblance to the bad "b" flicks of old. In a 23-hour marathon of Farscape aired on May 31st, the alien seduction was near cataclysmic. Alien abduction may have gotten a bad wrap in the past.

# 8 and # 9 Where do the sexy hang out?
Gaze a medley of reviews of the most seductive and alluring Hotels and restaurant from around the world. The numbers 9 and 10 spots are reviews of fine dining and luxurious stays in upscale and exotic places to dine dance and discover romance

Number 9 is a savory Latin eatery called "Cacao" in Coral Gables, FL. The Chef / Owner Edgar Leal serves tantalizing South American cuisines that are as reviewer comments, "as brazen as they are creative."

Number 10 spots the "Lotus" in New York City. "It's a stylish supper club that's sophisticated and elegant, and creates a comfortable atmosphere with ambiance sounds spun by the city's best disc jockeys."

# 10 Sexy – paparazzi?
Sneak a peak: Angelina bares all, tabloid style, in a most unsavory manner. With over 200,000 images of actresses in their steadiest scenes, the self-proclaimed "Largest Celebrity Discussion Message Board & Image Archive" sits in the highly coveted # 1 position. Not a bit coincidentally Angelina also places second on the FHM 100 sexiest list mentioned below.

Sexiest Why?
Clearly it did not take much convincing to get a plethora of writers to jumping on this assignment. What is Sexy? A mouthwatering challenge if ever there's been one. But thanks to Yahoo, short work has been made of a sultry subject. Well everything is relative, men and women, from Russia to New York to Seattle, can enjoy Internet giant Yahoo's picks. Pick out a sexy Halloween costume or enjoy some fine food, all via the expert advice of CNN 'search and Why you ask? Because Sexy sells! So there you have it, from the most ravishing restaurants to the hottest hunks and sexiest sirens.