Many Retailers Have Miele Vacuum Parts

Miele vacuum cleaner parts, including vacuum cleaner bags; vacuum filters; wands, brushes, and tools; belts; and vacuum hoses are all widely available. Miele vacuum cleaner bags F/J/M for the star line, the ambiente, and the Solaris series, are five to a package and each comes with air filters; Miele vacuum cleaner bags G/N are models S400 and s599 series deluxe midsize vacuum cleaners; and the Miele vacuum cleaner bags type H are for Miele vacuum cleaners s269i and S282i. The filters for Miele vacuum cleaners come in Active HEPA, in HEPA S4, and HEPA S140 that fits the vacuum cleaner models S140 and S157.

In terms of Miele wands, brushes, and tools, while the Miele 160 dusting brush is useful for cleaning soft furnishings and wood trim; it will only fit under the lid of the S314 and S514 Solaris series, the S558 Silver and the S658 Blue Moon. The Miele STB205-2 Miele Turbobrush features an 11″ wide brush roll, a floating head, and a swivel neck, and provides excellent results when cleaning kelims and other flat-pile carpets; the SBB Parquet-2 floor brush (at 12″ wide) gives an excellent result on parquet floors and quite satisfactory results on hardwood floors; and the 01347991 radiator brush has long bristles for dusting hard-to-reach architectural features and decorative items.

Miele-manufactured belts are available for replacement purposes: part MI-03854940 fits SEB 204 to SEB 226; the toothbelt MI-0497760 fits SEB 213/217 and STB 205 models, and the crescent belt MI-03466240 fits SEB 191 model vacuum cleaners. You be glad to look in to these vacuum cleaners today.