The Joys of a Good Dry Bag

Usually, the sight of seeing your luggage fall into a body of water would cause a person to vomit or have a nervous breakdown. But in my case, I usually emit a child-like giggle of satisfaction.

No, this is not due to any masochistic tendencies I may have; It's because I've got an excellent 100% waterproof dry bag that prevails any water from touching my cherished beloveds. Indeed, the pleasant "plop" sound my river bag makes when I throw it into the water is enough to make any person feel warm inside.

One thing everyone should know, however, is that all dry bags are not created equal. There are two essential tips all shoppers should consider before finding a river bag that's right for them.

Tip 1: Go for the roll top. While most travelers like the familiarity of a zippered bag of luggage, it can be a dangerous endeavor to travel with a zip-up dry bag. Why? Because zippers can very easily become undone, and sometimes people neglect to zip bags up all the way. Keep in mind: the smallest of mistakes can ruin an entire vacation.

With a roll top, you'll never have these issues. Roll tops never come undone and you always know when you've secured your luggage properly, so make sure you go with the more reliable design.

Tip 2: While you'll never have to worry about your luggage getting wet, another concern with dry bags is that they may float away, especially when traveling on a river. That's why you should make sure to get an oval-shaped dry bag. This results them from rolling off your canoe and down the river to an temporary destination in the Pacific Ocean.

On your next rafting adventure, make sure to bring a trusty new dry bag. The piece of mind it will give you is priceless, and it may even provide you with a fun toy to throw around in the river!