Get Your Ex Back With the Clean Slate Method

Maybe you are one of the people asking how can I get my ex back. After a breakup this thought never leaves your mind for long, it can disturb your sleep, it can prevent you from working and it certainly can leave you feeling lost and confused.

But if you apply a method where you wipe the slate clean you will have taken the first step to winning back your lost love. It is important to remember that in this process the first steps have to be very small, yet they are absolutely crucial.

Get this wrong and you could be on your own for good.

The clean slate method is a simple apology. You can deliver this face-to-face or you could even write a note. Best not to send this in an e-mail or leave a voice message as you want it to be more personal than normal.

When you apologise you must own up and take responsibility for your mistakes, never say ‘I am sorry, but….’ as this just sounds like you are making excuses and it will only push you further away from your ex.

Instead say something like ‘I owe you a huge apology. The way I act it was wrong and I know I must have really hurt you. There’s no excuse I’m sorry’.

That’s it, say no more, keep it short and sweet. This step is all about wiping the slate clean, or you want to do is let your ex know you have taken responsibility for any actions that may have caused the breakup.

So if you are thinking how can I get my ex back, then this is the first foundation you need to lay on the road to relationship recovery.