Shoe Racks Come in Many Varieties – Just Like Shoes!

You certainly would not expect to have the option for just one type of shoe. Imagine a world filled with just sneakers, or just pumps, or just work boots. How boring … and how impractical. Same goes for shoe racks. Your closet will hold a wardrobe that is unique to you. The kind of shoes that you wear with your various outfits will vary and how you want to store them will depend on their use.

For example, let's say that you are a winter athlete that hits the snowy slopes each year. Your snow boots will be pulled out at the appropriate season and you want them to be in the same condition that you stored them. You may want to use a shoe box rather than a shoe racks to keep your seasonal boots fresh.

Next, let's consider the shoes which you reach for daily as you dress for an office job. Most likely these shoes are made of leather or a leather-like material. They will get a good amount of wear but you do not want them to look worn out or crushed. If you have a high end looking closet system then you may choose wooden shoe racks to house these shoes. This type of shoe rack allows you to easily see and find the exact pair you need for that day.

If your closet is more casual, you may opt for one of the many hanging shoe racks made of fabric. Many of these have clear, see through compartments so you can find your shoes easily. One convenient feature is that they are protected from the dust in your home that can even find its way into your closet.

Other shoe racks can be simply placed on the floor of your closet. Most of these these are used for your more casual shoes such as tennis shoes. Whichever style or design of shoe racks you choose you will appreciate the organization they provide to any closet.