Focus on Outcomes to Keep Your Business On-Course


Did you know that an airplane in flight is off course nearly 98% of the time? No flight is completed in a straight line from Point A to Point B. Gravity, side winds, updrafts, and downdrafts are continuously moving the plane off course. And yet, the majority of flights arrive at their planned destinations safely and on time. How do airline pilots make this happen? They continue to keep the income or result in mind, say departing from Los Angeles and arriving in Honolulu. Pilots constantly make corrections to compensate for outside forces affecting the plane and use a proven set of process steps to keep everything on course.

Closer to home, how can you, as the pilot of your business assure that you are on time, within budget, and at the quality standards necessary 100% of the time? One important step is to focus on the opportunities you are aiming for.

Whether it is a pilot flying a jet liner from LA to Honolulu or you streamlining a process in your business, focusing on outcomes will increase the odds of success. Any time you are working to improve a process it is important to make sure that everyone involved in the process:

– Shares the same goals of the process

– Understand their individual role in the process (job procedures, etc.)

– Has the performance support and skill / knowledge development required to perform their individual role

– Understand what the gap is that is being closed (we are here, we want to get there, here is how we will do it)

Just as the pilot regularly evaluates his / her course corrections (wind speed, altitude, etc.) you will measure results of your improvements and assessment whether or not you are still on your course of performance improvement.